Who is Jesse Slack?


Jesse Slack is a young country recording artist and songwriter who is making quite the name for himself in the music industry.  At 23 years old he is already gaining attention with his upcoming single release, live shows, and songwriter credits. 
Jesse grew up in Peterborough, Ontario listening to his Mother sing country songs around the house. Jesse learned to play guitar with the hope of becoming a rock star and first got involved in music with his twin brother Jake Slack in a duo group called “The Slack Brothers.”  After exploring different paths, Jesse continued his endeavors in music by moving to London, Ontario where he attended the Music Industry Arts program at Fanshawe College. 
Jesse is a born performer and always leaves the crowd wanting more.  Jesse says, “I do this for my fans, it means so much to me to be up on stage and actually have people listen and party with me. I try my best to make it an experience that is remembered so the next time the party is bigger. If it weren't for my fans and supporters I would just be some guy playing songs in my bedroom...and that's no fun!” 

With a flair for finding a melody in any genre of music, and meaning in any lyric, Jesse doesn’t limit himself to only one genre. Although his passion is country music, he also writes blues, rock and folk songs. Jesse explains “I write about things that I have experienced in my life, and I try to put a lot of feelings into my writing. I want people to feel those feelings or understand what I am trying to say because sometimes we all need to assure ourselves that we’re not the only one who experiences funny things, or feels certain ways.” 
Jesse has a brand new single "Where This Is Going" co-written by Dakota and Will and produced by Dan Brodbeck. He also has lots of upcoming shows and continues to travel to Nashville to write for his next album and continue to make a name in Music City.